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CNC Plasma Cuttings Machine
Retrofitting Industrial Machinery

ServoMecanik, a leading manufacturer, has been manufacturing CNC Plasma Cutting Machines for 27 years. Since 1996, we have expanded our expertise to include Motion Control Solutions for retrofitting CNC profile cutting machines, such as plasma, oxy-fuel, waterjet, and brake-press. We specialize in the retrofitting of existing plasma and waterjet systems. The key strengths of ServoMecanik lie in our advanced engineering and technology, particularly in the design of custom touchscreen interfaces. Our flagship product, the ServoTouch Motion Control Package, is our best-selling product, which can be configured with up to 6 axes and seamlessly adapted to any existing CNC industrial machinery. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for other types of production machines, including Brake Press, conveyors, and temperature-controlled tanks. If you need further assistance, we are here to prioritize your satisfaction.

3 axis CNC cutting machine with 2 torches

You should choose a MasterGraph Plasma Cutting Machine that meets your specific requirements. Our CNC plasma cutter features the ServoTouch Motion Control, which has a user-friendly graphic interface designed for CNC oxy-fuel, plasma, and waterjet cutting. We equip these units with plasma units ranging from 80A to 800A, providing versatile cutting capabilities. Those who prioritize high-cut quality will be pleased with the exceptional results delivered by our high-definition plasma power source.
Utilizing the ServoTouch motion control offers additional benefits. Our MasterGraph can be easily adapted when working with different material types or varying thicknesses simply by changing the power source. Regardless of the specific application, users can easily navigate the cutting process thanks to our intuitive control interface.

CNC Plasma-Cutting machine for Every type of Business.

Plasma Source for your cutting Machine

The highest-quality, top-rated plasma power supplies on the market today are offered by Cutting Systems, which is considered your number-one destination. With plasma-cutting supplies such as Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, and Lincoln Electric, your plasma-cutting machine can be ensured to be suited for your needed applications. The best supply of High Definition and Air plasma cutter systems available is provided, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. Affordable plasma cutters that offer first-rate performance are being offered by us. ServoMecanik’s MasterGraph Plasma Cutting Machine is known as a trusted name and reliable source for mining, metalworking, construction, and more. Today, our entire selection of plasma power supplies can be viewed, and the right one suited for your industrial needs can be found.

Easy To Learn CAM Software

CAD users may choose to do all their programming from the office by converting DXF drawings to G-Codes using ServoMecanik’s ServoCAM software. ServoMecanik, the developer of this software, has specifically developed it to enable programming, nesting, and downloading of any shape to the ServoTouch or any other motion control system. ServoCAM, with its intuitive and graphic environment, allows users to learn it without any prior knowledge of CAD software, making it the wise choice for your drafting department.

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Give a New Life to Your Old Machines

Many older waterjet systems and high-pressure pumps can reliably perform their job. ServoMecanik offers Retrofitting Packages that are ideal for companies seeking to provide extra life to existing equipment by incorporating our ServoTouch Motion Control. Customers aiming to give their existing Plasma or Waterjet cutters or Hydraulic brake press a new lift can use our ServoTouch retrofit kits, designed for “Do-It-Yourself” purposes. Furthermore, retrofitting can be performed on tool changers, pallet changers, on-machine measurement devices, rotary tables, and grinders.

Retrofitted WaterJet Cutting Machine with our ServoTouch

Retrofitted 1000 tons Press Brake With our ServoTouch

Give a new life to you CNC waterjet cutting Machine

Many older waterjet systems and high-pressure pumps on the market will reliably perform their job for the next decade. However, the communication, electronics, and primarily the software components of these systems are becoming obsolete and irreplaceable. Our ServoMecanik ServoTouch Waterjet Retrofitting Package offers a cost-effective solution to upgrade existing waterjet machines. It allows you to configure the X and Y axes for up to 480 inches of travel. Additionally, ServoMecanik provides a water jet pressure pump capable of pressures up to 94,000 psi, enabling cutting of almost any material regardless of thickness. We enhance cut quality and speed with our high-pressure water pumps, and the waterjet process provides a versatile cutting option with no heat-affected zone.

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